Portfolio of work

Music Industries

In my first assignment for music industries, I had to work in a group to establish a record label, sign a band and host an event. This assignment helped me to gain experience of the roles within a record label as well as manage the label and make business decisions which was something that I had never done before. This assignment helped me to identify the different roles that I would be keen to pursue in the future.

New Media

In my first semester at BCU, I had to code a website to display a portfolio of my work. coding a website was a new experience for me however, my design and layout skills were useful as I had to create an effective layout and make the website user friendly and easy to use. I learnt new skills in this module that will be useful for the future. I learnt a lot in a short space of time and hopefully, I might be able to develop those skills further in the future.



TV Reviews


In College, I had to write a review of a TV show. I was given one episode to watch and review it. This was useful for me as I was able to develop my writing skills and write my thoughts on paper which I found, came naturally. I could also transfer my skills and review new music, allowing me to pursue music journalism as a possible career path.

review printscreen


Active Harlow

Active Harlow was a charity set up by Harlow Town Council to get residents to exercise more and increase the overall health of the town. I, as part of a group had to meet with the council who gave us a brief to produce an informational leaflet to raise awareness of the project. In our group, we each submitted our own design and layout ideas for the leaflet, and provide a pitch, explaining why our individual designs should be used for the final leaflet design. My design for the leaflet was chosen, and I was proud as I worked hard on making an effective leaflet design.

Radio Production

In this unit, I had to work to deadlines to find and research a story. As a group, we hosted a radio news broadcast and then edited the sound clips. Although the project wasn’t live, we still had to research and get information and present it in a short space of time. This helped develop my time management and organisation skills as I had to plan the work before doing it so the group could work quickly and efficiently.

Programme Production

For this piece of work, I had to work as part of a group that would generate ideas for programmes that could run on a new TV Broadcast station called London Live. I filmed a how to guide of how to play guitar. This project was enjoyable for me as I was able to combine my hobby with work to make a more music based piece of work.


One of my best interviews was with Max Marlow, who was a finalist in the Drummer of the Year competition, judged by a panel including Dave Grohl of Nirvana and The Foo Fighters. I asked Max about that experience and his journey to America when he was invited to play on an album by Justin Timberlake’s manager. I wrote the interview up as a magazine article in a professional format.